2022 Abstracts

Modified Laparoscopic Sugarbaker Repair of a Recurrent Ileostomy Prolapse
Marius Hoogerboord, MD; Adele Orovec; Samuel Minor, MD

Surgical Reconstruction of Peri-Fistula/Stomal Soft Tissue: Revise, Isolate, Skin Graft, Pouch (Risp)
Mary Anne Obst, BSN

A New Paradigm for Abdominal Trauma Wound Therapy
Mary Anne Obst, BSN

Preoperative Weight Loss Associated with Decreased Surgical Site Infections Following Ventral Hernia Repair with Component Separation
Yewande Alimi, MD; Parag Bhanot, MD; Romina Deldar, MD; Zoe Haffner; Brian Truong

Does Advanced Age Influence Postoperative Morbidity Following Ventral Hernia Repair with Component Separation? 
Yewande Alimi, MD; Parag Bhanot, MD; Romina Deldar, MD, Julian Marable; Adaah Sayyed

Outcomes of Immediate Multi-Staged Abdominal Wall Reconstruction of Infected Mesh: Predictors of Surgical Site Complications and Hernia Recurrence
Yewande Alimi, MD; Parag Bhanot, MD; Romina Deldar, MD; Kenneth Fan, MD; Kieranjeet Nijhar, MD 

Clinical and Economic Outcomes of Stratafix™ Symmetric Versus Other Conventional Sutures for Abdominal Midline Closure in Patients Undergoing Open Hernia Repairs
Frederik Berrevoet, MD, MPH; Walter Danker III, PhD; Najmuddin Gunja, PhD; Jorg Tomaszewski, MD

A Systematic Approach to The Management of Massive Recurrent Ventral Hernias Using Tissue Expansion
Sivana Barron; Ryan Cauley, MD, MPH; Arthur Celestin, MD, MPH; Emmeline Jia, MS; Donald Morris, MD 

Definitive Closure Using Ovitex Ovine Reinforced Tissue Matrix in The Complex Open Abdomen After Penetrating Abdominal Trauma 
Luis Fernandez, MD

Incidence and Pattern of Dystrophic Calcification in Patients Undergoing Abdominal Wall Reconstruction with Biologic Mesh and Calcium Sulfate Antibiotic Beads
Jonny Doucett, MD; Marius Hoogerboord, MD; Samuel Minor, MD, FACS 

Collagen Remodeling of Strattice Firm in A Non-Human Primate Model of Abdominal Wall Repair
Jared Lombardi; Nimesh Kabaria, MS; Maryellen Sandor, PhD; Eric Stec