2018 MedStar Georgetown Distinguished Achievement Award

Dr. J. Jeekel, MD, PhD

MedStar Georgetown University Hospital and AWR 2018 are pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2018MedStar Georgetown Distinguished Achievement Award in Abdominal Wall Reconstruction is Dr. J. Jeekel from Erasmus University, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Dr. Jeekel is internationally renowned for his work in hernia and abdominal surgery repair techniques and clinical trials. He is the Professor of Surgery at Erasmus University, and he also leads a project group focusing on music as medicine by performing large RCT’s on the effect of music as a new treatment in healthcare. He has a large interest in supporting young investigators in producing scientific research on topics such as the most frequent complications of the abdominal surgeon like incisional hernia, anastomotic leakage and adhesions. In addition, he has contributed to over 500 international publications and over 80 theses dedicated to the surgical field. Recent clinical trials focus on prevention.

Dr. Jeekel has received The Golden Science Medal of the National Society of Surgeons. He is also an honorary member of multiple medical societies including the Indian Laparoscopic Surgical Society, Austrian Surgical Society, German Surgical Society, Surgical Society of South Africa, Dutch Society of Surgeons, and is an honorary fellow of the American Surgical Association. In addition, he has also received the Knight of the Dutch Lion given by the Queen.

As shared by Dr. B. Todd Heniford (2014 MedStar Georgetown Distinguished Achievement Award recipient), “He is the best surgical clinical trialist ever, with contributions to hundreds of publications which have advanced cancer care, improved the technique and understanding of intestinal anastomosis and leak, shortened post-surgical intestinal ileus, promoted hernia prevention with suture techniques and preventative mesh insertion, and dramatically improved our overall understanding of mesh-hernia repair. He is an amazing teacher, lecturer and friend. His contributions to surgery have improved the lives of millions of people around the world and have influenced every surgeon alive on the planet. No one deserves this award more. He is the best of us.”

Dr. Jeekel resides in Rotterdam with his wife and three children.

Please join us in honoring him on Friday, June 8th during Session II.

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Photo by Levien Willemse